Comfort Release Transparent Tape 1 Inch

1” Comfort Release® Transparent Tape
12 Rolls of Tape at 1” x 4 Yards
Rubbing alcohol for painless removal must be purchased separately

Comfort Release Transparent Tape 2 Inch

2” Comfort Release® Transparent Tape
Six Rolls of Tape at 2” x 4 Yards
Rubbing alcohol for painless removal must be purchased separately

For Sensitive Skin

  • Easy to apply – perforated and tears bidirectionally without scissors
  • Water resistant – can stay on the skin when bath /shower
  • Breathable
  • Long-lasting
  • Triggered painless release

Comfort Release® Tapes are perfect for…

  • Children / Athletes / Older adults
  • Anyone with sensitive skin, fragile skin or thin skin
  • Anyone taking blood thinners, steroids or any medication that can affect your skin
  • Anyone who hates the pain of ripping off bandages & tapes


Apply tape to clean, dry skin free of lotions, oils, or soap residue for strong, long-lasting skin bonding.

To remove, use an Alcohol Prep Pad or soak a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol (either 70% or 91%) and wipe the top surface, until the tape begins to lift from the skin, about 10 seconds.

Make sure to saturate the tape so that the alcohol penetrates the surface.

Alcohol Prep Pads, cotton balls and rubbing alcohol are not included and need to be purchased separately.


Seek professional help for medical emergencies. Consult a physician for deep or penetrating wounds. If irritation or redness develops or persists, discontinue use and consult a physician.

People with prior skin reactions to acrylic adhesives, skin burns, or allergic reactions to rubbing alcohol should not use Comfort Release®.