MEDcoAmerica is the fastest growing wound care products (NPWT) company in America. Our technology is first in the industry, service goals are within 4 hours of receipt of the order, and our pricing to our care giving facilities has already revolutionized the NPWT rental industry. YOU CAN NOW USE NEGATIVE PRESSURE WOUND THERAPY UNITS IN YOUR FACILITY AND NOT BE WORRIED ABOUT THE HIGH COST OF SUCH A MODALITY.

Mission Statement

Advanced wound care products in the hands of advanced wound care facilitators for the advancement of wound healing.

Our dressings include a unique foam system with the best tinsel strength of any foam product in the industry (No flaking or cracking) and our negative pressure wound therapy pump systems (NPWT) will also accept gauze dressings. Automated "bridging " Kits are unique, and easy to use when bridging is needed. Our suction bells are low profile, dual lumen, and very soft so that a patient can even lay on them for days on end. The "Log Reductions" studies on our sliver products clearly prove their ability to kill MSRA, and VRE.

Our NeutroPhase spray sets MEDcoAmerica apart with this advanced wound healing product that can be used on all wounds from stages 1 to 4. These studies prove that this product represents the most significant advancement in wound care in over 30 years.

Other opportunities with MEDcoAmerica include joining our distribution network. We can assist a DME company or independent rep to join our network of distributors at no cost for our units. We pay the highest commissions in the industry!