MEDcoAmerica promotes innovative negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) products and services designed for people to allow more patients to benefit from the proven outcomes of negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT).

NPWT Promotes Healing:

  • Compared with conventional wound care dressings
  • Helps patients to move on with their lives
  • Cost effective savings
  • Promotes faster healing

We carry NPWT system designed to suit every patient, every clinician and every budget.

Deliveries within 5 hours of request of our products and services. Each delivery comes with a detailed technical in-service. This in-service is documented for your legal protection.

Consignment available.

NPWT Pumps

photo ot WoundPro-Control-Unit


Wound Dressing Kits

photo of UNI Black Foam Dressing Kit

UNI Black Foam Dressing Kit

photo WoundPro® Advanced Dressing kit

WoundPro® Dressing Kits

Other Products

photo of WoundPro® Advanced Collection Canister

WoundPro® Collection Canisters

photo of NeutroPhase Skin and Wound Cleanser product and name

NeutroPhase® Wound Cleanser

photo of product bottle

SanaraRx® Advanced Wound Care Healing Solution

Keragel - For Wounds & Burns

Keragel® Wound Care Gel

Keramatrix - For Wounds & Burns

Keramatrix® Wound Care Matrix

KeragelT - For Wounds & Burns

KeragelT® Wound Care Gel

MEDcoAmerica now offers Comfort Release® Acute Wound Care / First Aid and Advanced Wound Care products. Comfort Release® products use the first “switchable” adhesive technology. Their products protect patients from skin pain and skin injuries that commonly occur during adhesive bandage, tape, and dressing removal.

Comfort Release - Global Biomedical Technology
Comfort Release Product Line

Easy to Remove    Breathable      Water-Resistant   Skin Friendly   Long Lasting   Replaceable & Adjustable

Comfort Release Bandages - 1 Inch

Comfort Release® Bandages

Comfort Release Transparent Tape 1 Inch

Comfort Release® Transparent Tape

Comfort Release Border Adhesive Foam Dressings

Comfort Release® Border Adhesive Foam Dressings

Comfort Release Border Adhesive Sacral Foam Dressings

Comfort Release® Border Sacral Foam Dressings