Around the Clock Deep Dive Clinical In-services and Education

Training includes the following:

  • Basics on NPWT therapy.
  • Perfusion: Why is a VAC used and what can be expected from VAC therapy.
  • Intermittent: Best practices for Diabetic wounds improving ¬†clinical results.
  • Separation of wound types (Diabetic, pressure, vascular, and surgical) and attention to how each wound type will react to therapy.
  • Proper techniques to address both Tunnels and Undermines.
  • Bacteria: Covering single and multi-strand bacteria in detail. Many detailed photos shown to illustrate bacteria and methods to eradicate.
  • Bacteria eradication methods.
  • Proper uses of White Foam (Hydrophilic).
  • NPWT Dressing application. Basic and advanced methods.
    1. Basic
    2. Bridge Techniques.
    3. Off load techniques.
    4. Windowpane techniques.
  • Proper use of "Y" connectors.
  • New ADVANCEMENTS in wound care products and technologies.

MEDcoAmerica leads the way in advanced technologies.

    1. SanaraRX
    2. Spin Care
    3. Bacteria Eradication


MEDcoAmerica will re-educate your staff every 10 months automatically or upon request if need earlier.


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