photo of the WoundPro® Advanced Dressing Kit
The WoundPro® Dressing Kits

Adhering to the highest standards in the healthcare market, the Basic and Advanced Series Foam Dressing Kits offer unsurpassed quality and the best materials available.


Basic and Advanced Series

Our Dressing Kits come in two styles, based on your budget and preference.


Common Features

  • Hydrophobic, Medical Grade Foam
  • New and Improved Outer Drape
photo WoundPro® Advanced Dressing kit
WoundPro® Advanced Dressing Kits

Basic Kits - Additional Features

  • Designed exclusively to offer negative pressure therapy and care at a more economical price
  • New, single lumen StingRay™ Suction Bell
  • Easy to use hose clamp
  • Skin Prep Pad
photo of WoundPro® Basic Dressing kit
WoundPro® Basic Dressing Kits

Advanced Kits - Additional Features

  • Designed to offer the best and most accurate pressure readings and care possible
  • New Dual Lumen, and patent pending StingRay™ Suction Bell
  • Error proof, Quick Connect Tubing Connectors

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