photo ot WoundPro-Control-Unit

Easy to use, cost effective and equipped with state of the art electronics, the WoundPro Negative Pressure Control Unit is the right choice for many healthcare professionals, in virtually any healthcare setting. The WoundPro was also one of the first systems to employ the benefits of all three negative pressure therapies: continuous, intermittent and variable intermittent…all at a touch of a button.

The User Friendly Features:

  • Easy to read and understand control panel
  • Fully adjustable
    • Can adjust pressures from 0mmHg to 200mmHg
  • Very powerful 8 lpm pump
  • Offers all three negative pressure therapies
    • Continuous
    • Intermittent
    • Variable Intermittent
  • Automatic and Continuous System Checks and Alarms
    • Drop in pressure
    • Low battery
    • Canister full
    • Suction line blocked
    • Vacuum Leak
    • Standby Alarm (if left powered on but not in therapy mode)
  • Full battery operation and 24 hour back up system
  • A choice of canister sizes available
    • 300cc or 800cc
    • Semi-opaque canister construction
      • Enables the user to see the fluid level but not the exudate contents
    • Canister illumination button
  • Lightweight and very portable
    • Stylish carrying case when on the road
      • Additional pocket for personal items
    • EZ-Clasp Attachment System
      • Allow for easy and quick attachment to an IV pole or footboard
photo of WoundPro NPWT Control Unit with case, power adapter, manual and EZ-Clasp Attachment System


  • WoundPro Control Unit
  • Carrying Case
  • Power Supply w/12’ Power Cord
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Laminated Quick Reference Card
  • EZ-Clasp Attachment System

Instructional Video