photo of UNI Black Foam Dressing Kit
UNI Black Foam Dressing Kit

UNI (universal) NPWT Black Foam Dressing help draw wound edges together, remove wound fluids and infectious materials. Our foam technology works actively and can easily adapt to any NPWT pump system.

UNI Black Foam Dressing Kits

  • Hydrophobic
  • Open-pore, reticulated
  • High tensile strength eliminates fraying and reducing contamination and infection
photo of UNI NPWT Suction Dome

Dome Pad

  • Sterile plastic tubing with double pressure lumens that connect the therapy unit to the dressing.
  • Double lumen designed to provide
  • consistent NPWT
    Designed to prevent less tube blockage, kinks, pooling and alarm issues
  • Dome pad provides a pressure regulating technology at the wound site to provide accurate delivery of prescribed therapy.
photo of universal NPWT drape

Transparent Drape

  • Designed with 1, 2 3 step tabs
  • Drape can be applied whole or cut to cover the peri-wound area to prevent maceration.
photo of Universal (UNI) NPWT Pump Adapter

Universal Adapter

Adapter is used to connect our UNI foam dressing kits to any OEM NPWT Pumps