photo of Halo XP NPWT Pump w/ Canister
Halo XP NPWT Pump w/ Canister
photo of Halo XP NPWT pump side view
Halo XP NPWT Side View
photo of Halo XP NPWT pump with UNI Black Foam Dressing Kit
Halo XP NPWT System

Halo XP NPWT Pump provides quality & cost effective negative pressure therapy. The benefits of NPWT have been demonstrated for over 20 years. Exudate control and effective wound management are some of the many benefits that Halo XP provides.

  • Easy to use, Simple set up
  • Built in alarms, whisper quiet when pump is ON
  • Continuous and Intermittent mode
  • Indicated for many wound types
  • Ideal for acute, long term care and home care setting
  • Comes with carrying case for portability
  • High capacity battery, long lasting and rapid charging
  • Pump weighs less than 5 lbs with compact dimensions
  • Disposable 900cc canister
  • Pressure range from -50mmHg to -200mmHg
  • Built in overflow protection and odor eliminator
  • Canister is equipped with tubing clamp to avoid back flow and for infection control